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Weak and easy to guess passwords can have unpleasant consequences. An insecure password is of course much easier to 'crack' by a hacker who then can benefit from your password. Always choose a strong password and never tell it to anyone! Don't even write them down! The passwords made on this website, are strong and secure. Moreover, this online generator is 100% safe: you're the only one who can see the password and no data is stored. Create a unique, strong and secure password for free!

Always use a secure password!

Passwords are used to access computers and internet accounts such as Facebook, online banking and webhosting accounts. There is little imagination needed to understand what could happen if your passwords fell in wrong hands: attackers can log in on Facebook and chat with others under your name, plunder your bank or credit card and hack your website. Therefore, always choose a strong password that contains at least 8 characters, including numbers, lowercase, uppercase and special characters e.g. !@#$%|}+_ etc.

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Tips to generate a strong password

Strong passwords are created when you use a lot of different types of characters. Try to use letters, both UPPER and lower case. Try to use at least 1 number. Preferably even more. Try to stay away from words. That's one of the first things hackers try to do. Check if you filled in words (that mean something). So try to create gibberish. Don't mention the easy stuff like loved ones, part of your names, etc. Generating a strong password always involves creating a long password. At least 8 characters. Preferably more.

Advanced password generation

Use special characters. Special characters are for example the ? and !. Use . or *. +'s, etc. Also, when creating passwords, it's important not to follow keyboard patterns. Qwerty is one for example. But also 123456789 or something similar, would be really easy to hack.